Monthly Archives: February 2011

Behind the Scenes at Fashion Week

Just heard from Gina Daddona who read our blog entry. She is busy working behind the scenes at Fashion Week in NYC. She shared this photo with us: “here is my kit backstage at Marc by Marc Jacobs…I am part of the team that assists Dick Page who creates the look that we execute on the models.” Sounds really exciting Gina – thank you for sharing!

Graduate’s Spa Celebrates 10 Years!

Melissa Wasik graduated from IAAS in 1998. After two years of working in a salon and learning the ropes of running a business, she opened her own salon. Aroma Beauty & Wellness Spa, Melissa’s business in Wilton, CT, just celebrated its 10th year! Melissa credits Kathy for always “being there” for her to lend support and advice throughout her early years of developing her business. She states that she “loved IAAS not only because we learned about products and beauty treatments but also about health and wellness and how that effects the skin.” Visit her facebook page to learn more!