Asthetics – The Management Approach

Nancy Rinaldi chose to become an aesthetician at a time when it was not a common career choice. To give you an idea of how far back that was, she researched skin care schools using the yellow pages! After doing her homework, Nancy chose to study at IAAS because the curriculum was the most thorough and offered her the best training. She worked as an office administrator to help pay the bills while going to school.

Unlike most people who attend IAAS, Nancy’s plan was not to be a hands-on technician but rather to own and manage a salon. As soon as she graduated, despite the advice of friends and advisors, Nancy set up her own business.

Quickly Nancy learned the trials of business ownership including finding and keeping good aestheticians and staff. In addition, she also functioned as accountant, bookkeeper, receptionist, therapist, marketing director, and more. After eight years, she decided she wanted to return to just managing a business so she sold her salon and sought new opportunities.

Her new challenge was to become managing aesthetician for a Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery practice. After ten years of managing someone else’s practice, she decided to once again open her own business offering services based on a combination of skin care training and that which she learned while working with the surgeons. Her practice, called A Fine Line Medical Skin Care, provides goal orientated corrective skin care treatments. In addition, she travels the country as a national educator for SkinCeuticals, the country’s leading medical skin care and chemical peel company.

When asked why aesthetics is her chosen profession, Nancy says, “I like helping people feel good about themselves.” She adds that having her own business gives her the flexibility and independence that results from working for yourself. Why someone should go into aesthetics, Nancy says, “do it because you are passionate about helping people feel and look good.” To be most effective, you have to start with a sound foundation, like training at IAAS. It is an investment in the quality of the rest of your life.

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