Menopause and Peel Treatments in Septermber

Attention all graduates and practicing professionals, Trish Green returns in September to teach more advanced training courses. Mark your calendar now – you don’t want to miss it! The response to Trish’s classes has been amazing. Everything she teaches is actionable and guaranteed to increase your profits.  Here are the dates:

Understanding Menopause

September 16 & 17, 9am-5pm

Help Your Clients Navigate This Important Life Change

Menopause is as individual as a thumbprint; no two women experience it alike. Some scarcely register any physical change while others are bombarded with inexplicable symptoms. As we reach menopause the three primary hormones that have kept our body well in terms of the structure of our skin, our physical body, and our emotional wellness, begin to fluctuate wildly. This class will take you on a menopausal journey that will look at the nature of these changes. Doctors of natural medicine have identified 12 specific groups of menopausal women – learn how to recognize them, recommend correct skin care protocols and incorporate a complete holistic approach for their well-being. Learn natural remedies such as essential oils, Bach Flower remedies, Herbal Tinctures and Supplements to assist in the treatment of symptoms.


Peel Treatments & Techniques

Uncover the Inner Glow

September 18, 9am-5pm

You’ll be amazed by the results of this special formula peel and the income potential it represents for you.


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