Grad Comments



I have always been drawn to the skincare/spa industry because of a lifetime of acne. Having grown up with bad skin, I personally knew the headache and embarrassment caused from classmates making fun of me because of my skin. I have always thought of how special it would be to help others who suffered from acne. I decided to attend the Institute of Aesthetic Arts and Sciences after I moved to CT in l996. I absolutely fell in love with it and wished that I had pursued the field 20 years earlier. After graduating from the Institute of Aesthetic Arts and Sciences, I worked in Westport at Dream Spa. We were transferred back to Atlanta, and after a couple months of unpacking boxes, and getting settled received a phone call from Barbara Salamone, owner of Bioelements. I had been referred to her from a friend. After a phone conversation and then going to Chicago for a face to face meeting, I was offered the position of National Educator. They had 5 Conservatory of Esthetics, located from LA to Boston. I managed the Atlanta School (#6) and taught all the classes and traveled to the other conservatories teaching classes, and working skincare shows nationally. After 7 years with Bioelements, they economy had been suffering for a few years, and they decided to close all the schools except Chicago. I was then out of a job! I love teaching and inspiring others, so I decided to go back to school and get my teaching license. I was hired by the school that I attended for my instructors course. I currently teach the Medical Module and that includes preparing the students for the state boards. I’m proud to say that I have a 100% pass rate, since I’ve held the position. I teach Chemical Peels, MLD, Advanced Cosmetic Chemistry, Medical skin analysis, camouflage makeup. Most of all, I’m their cheerleader! I feel that I got a superior education in skin care from The Institute of Aesthetic Arts and Sciences. I am grateful for that and know that Kathy really cares about the quality of education that she and her staff provide.

Carol Wilson
Atlanta, Georgia

“IAAS is not only top notch training, but in my estimation, sets the standard for all aesthetic schools. Integrity – in product, in curriculum. in knowledge, in health related issues and personal hygiene concerning the aestheticians themselves. Her standards are high, as they should be, in personal representation of the industry. I am proud to say I graduated from IAAS.”

Candy Senn Howe Spa Manager, Snake River Lodge & Spa
Jackson, Wyoming

“The training we receive at the Institute is far more intensive than training offered elsewhere. I am so glad that I not only chose to enter this field of study, but that I elected to study at IAAS. I just couldn’t be happier.”

C. Bivona, Salon Owner

“Unlike the hair schools which I had considered that offer aesthetics as an offshoot of their curriculum, the Institute teaches very deep theory … and they explain why you need to do things in a certain way. After five months in their program, I have the assurance in myself that I can operate a successful business for I have been given the opportunity to practice my skill.”

I. Goncharova, Salon Chain Owner, Trainer and Yon-Ka Distributor
Moscow, Russia

“I received excellent training through Kathy. Aesthetics is the exclusive focus of the school, rather than being something added to a school’s regular curriculum. I am certain the training I received there far exceeds that which I would have gotten elsewhere. Even when my husband’s job relocated us, I was able to take my business with me and I was busy in each spot from the get go.”

B. Busby, Salon Owner

“I LOVE IAAS! Not only do they offer a FABULOUS education, but they support their graduates throughout their careers. As a 2003 graduate, I have had the opportunity to participate in several wonderful post-graduate education classes offered here. I have also been afforded the opportunity to teach some advanced waxing electives here. When I decided to open my own spa in 2010, I was able to turn to IAAS for guidance. To say that I got my money’s worth by attending this school would be a gross understatement. While I have learned many things in the years since I left the Institute, I credit much of my success to the solid education which I received here along with the school’s stringent standards of excellence. I have carried these lessons throughout my career and have become quite successful as a result. I would strongly reccomend IAAS to anyone who is interested in pursuing a serious career in the art of true, old-world esthetics.”

Allison Beth

“One of the biggest leaps to a great esthetics future!”

Sharon Cohen
South Carolina

“Amazing school and equally as amazing teachers! I loved my experience at IAAS!”

Jennifer Jacovino

“I love them! Fabulous place :)”

AnnMarie Bradley