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Aromatherapy Offerings Expanded

Aromatherapy, the use of “aromatic oils in a therapeutic manner,” can be traced back to first being used in Egypt in 3000 BC. Essential oils, if used correctly, can help both enhance and improve the overall well being of a person both physically and emotionally – helping to lift depression and soothe nerves.

Essential oils have numerous applications. They can be used in massage – one of the oldest and most beneficial uses of essential oils when blended correctly. In baths, compresses, or in a diffuser or vaporizer. To get the most benefit from using essential oils it is vital that the best quality oils are used.

IAAS has added Eve Taylor essential oils to its curriculum and now offers them for sale and as an enhancement to their menu of client services. Both clients and staff enjoy the benefits of these amazing oils.

Client Celebrates Improved Skin

“I absolutely love IAAS, and so does my skin. I have tons of allergies, and asthma, and my face is usually very red in my T zone. Doctors and so-called “beauty consultants” for years had told me it was rosacea. But under the direction of Lori and Julie at IAAS, I recently started using Eve Taylor Essential Oil #1 for redness due to allergies, along with my YonKa products. I just have one thing to say: ‘hallelujah!!’ The redness has faded significantly. Every morning I get up, look in the mirror, and literally gasp in surprise! I just can’t believe how “normal” and clear my skin looks. It’s not just the YonKa products (which are incredible) or the Eve Taylor Essential Oils (which are almost miraculous). I depend on the expertise and the compassionate care of the incredibly knowledgeable people at IAAS. I literally don’t know what I’d do without them.”